Why is it important for students to know social dance?

One thing that can take place during a social dance is the breaking of a certain type of music down into pieces.

If you want to have a good time, you should not listen to the entire sound or the whole piece at the same time.

Instead you need to focus on the part that is relevant to your situation.

In the example above, we took a lot of the melody of a traditional dance that is commonly known in Japan, but we changed it to be more relevant to a social dance.

There is never a problem if you hear the full piece first and then listen to the part that is most important.

Now, a lot of American people think that if you are supposed to listen to a whole piece in one sitting, then this can be quite difficult. They have heard the piece a thousand times and don’t realize that it will not be the same if you follow all the sounds in advance.

You should know how to listen to different parts so that it all sounds like one thing.

Here are a a bunch of videos demonstrating how to listen:

You should always listen and pay attention in real life.

Do not only talk about things that happened that you are familiar with.

Ask other people what kind of a social dance they danced and then try to replicate it.

Ask people if they played any dance during the conversation at the end of the event. If they say yes, then try to do it with them as well.

Do not talk about your previous experience or the music that you liked when you learned Japanese.

Talk about the social dance that you know is very relevant to your situation and if what you are talking about is relevant to other people.

Do not be shy about asking for help or to help you in any way that you can to better understand another’s situation.

Be open, confident and respectful when you ask someone for advice on a social dance.

Ask questions to find out what other people are doing and how they got there.

Make sure that you tell everyone what you are doing in order to help them and learn something new.

Practice social dance, learning and communication skills throughout your life.

You should be proud to perform in a dance and to share it with others.

Do not hesitate to seek out an opportunity to dance with foreigners and get to know the cultural differences of their culture.

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