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If you look at what the Bible teaches us about dancing, we will see that it is necessary for a person to learn to be a dancer. Dancing is a great way for a person to experience God’s grace, but there is no need to get the most out of dancing. There are several different stages a person can go through before they begin dancing.

Stage 1 – Intermediate or Pre-Teacher

A teacher starts teaching dances and can provide some instruction, but there are certain things to consider before you begin to learn how to dance.

1. Have a good ear. If you don’t have a good ear, you’ll probably never enjoy learning. We all have musicality in our voices, and it will help us to hear the songs and dance on our own.

2. Be open and eager to teach. When we teach others, our first reaction is generally to ask if we can help. It is also helpful for the person to give you some feedback.
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3. Try to show good judgment to the beginning. If you are an intermediate, it is important that you can show that. If you are too fast for the others there will probably be times when they become confused. However, this can also be a useful way for the intermediate to learn what is important on the dance floor.

In the world you are in today, you need to be a part of the dance community that we all share. To do this, it is important to learn how to dance.

Stage 2 – Intermediate to Advanced and Teacher/Master

Once the beginner steps into dancing, the teacher or master step in and helps you to progress from an intermediate to advanced level for both yourself and your partner.

In my classes, the instructor takes us into different stages, for example, you do first step, then you walk, step two, then you go up. He guides the intermediate to see what they are capable of doing and how they can do it better.

Here’s another example. A friend and I walked down to the river with an infant. We walked together. When we got back to the sidewalk, the baby started crying. The father walked up to the toddler and yelled at him. The toddler picked up the baby and walked over to the father and asked him to go, but the father walked out. That kind of lesson taught me that I needed to take my daughter on a walk before I could bring her to her parent.

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