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If you’re interested in the dance, don’t forget to check out the lessons on our website.
2010-11 Honeybees Dance Team | New Orleans Pelicans

Are there any classes offered in the summer?

There is always a dance this fall, but we typically have about half our weekly classes during the month of September. We usually have a few dance lessons before the summer’s full time classes, but as always, we’ve got free classes for parents and students in our studio.

This year, we’re having dance lessons taught from Tuesday until Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday. We also offer an open studio for any child that is interested in learning a new dance. To get an idea of what we have to offer, check out our page for information on other classes on our website.

What are some other dance classes?

Many of the dance classes offered in San Diego County are great! If we don’t have a class that’s specifically for you, please let us know via email or telephone so that we can put together a list of Dance Classes in San Diego.

What kind of instruction do you offer?

We offer instruction through one of our dance studios, located right in our community. We are located within walking distance of many attractions and are happy to give walk-ins! We offer a lot of classes but not all of them are included in your rental fee.

Are you teaching my child to dance?

Absolutely! We offer the free lessons so that you can practice with your child in our studio for free. In addition to that, we are always willing to teach a dance for any parent who feels this will be of benefit. We don’t stop at just lessons. If you prefer, you can also bring your child to the dance studio and dance with them after class. We are happy to also teach on their own or at a small group pace!

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we do offer private lessons at our studio. Private lessons can be done in our open studio or in our studio onsite. If there is no open studio then you can reserve classes to be held privately at one of our studios. You can also book dance lessons for your child. If there are any specific dance classes that your child would like to learn and that you want to bring or learn from us at San Diego Dance Studio then you can book them through our website using the links above.

Do you offer dance classes in Spanish?

Yes! We offer a class in Spanish in our open

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