Why is Dance important in our life? – What Is Social Dance Definition Article 2

Dance in our lives can make us happy at times. We are looking for a way to express our emotions, emotions such as love, lust, anger and rage that makes us feel very strong. We can dance and make our emotions express in other ways like through singing, dancing, or singing a song that makes us feel good.

If we are feeling angry, angry feelings could be expressed visually by dancing, by singing, or by singing a song that makes us feel good.

Do people do this anyway?
Polka (danse) — Wikipédia

Yes, people sometimes do this for different reasons such as to make a point, but more often it is just fun. Usually, when you see someone doing this, you are going to recognize it and get a smile on your face. This should make you feel good in spite of the fact that you have done this!

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He added, “I think the biggest lesson from this was, ‘Yeah, it’s a movie.”

An important article about new research is published in the latest issue of Current Biology.

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