Why is Dance important in our life?

It allows us to connect with fellow human beings. How many times have we met and had a wonderful conversation over Facebook or text message but the subject of dance comes up? Sometimes, it’s because someone is a little bit shy about telling their friends that dancing is something they want to take up and that they do take up for other reasons. Or it’s just that it’s one of the greatest sensations on your body. Or the feeling of having a great meeting with a new colleague, or colleague of a colleague, or a friend, or a significant other. It’s something that feels good and brings us joy, and our emotions turn into music and happiness. And dance is one of the best ways to release these emotions, because its movements are so much fun! And it’s also an effective way to release our stress. We can’t just be happy; we also have to be mindful.

Dance also creates a great atmosphere at home. If we get into a dance and feel like it makes us happy, it helps us to stay focused on work. And it also puts us in a state of mind that’s conducive to our health and wellbeing. All day long we’re in a constant state of flowing with the air. We’re never tired and everything feels great. Even though we may not be feeling good, we can’t help but be happy. This allows us to stay focused on work, and it’s not about just getting the job done on time, and it doesn’t have to be very expensive. As your salary won’t change, you can enjoy the day of celebration, and celebrate all of your successes without any worry. And it’s not like working on a Sunday. That is an extra stress with no end in sight. There is one more thing that makes us happy. Dancing with a loved one makes us feel loved. That’s how we become happy. Dancing is a bonding and a release.

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