Why is ballet in French? – Production In Dance

Because the ballet culture was the one in France for many years, and was a big influence for many of the contemporary dancers in Switzerland. This is a good reason to continue the French tradition – the other reason is because of the historical connections between Switzerland and France in those days.

Where did people learn to dance?

Many young Swiss people in the 15th century learned the canton system on the continent, and they also used some cantons that were more popular. So there is very good connection between modern Switzerland and France. It is a good time to learn French.

Do you have a favourite dance or movement?

I love the “Dos Ganas” for dancing in the backroom, or the “Otello” for dancing on the piano in the orchestra, and I’m interested in the variations of the “Ochre” for dancing in the back.

Have you been a part of a choreographic collective?

Yes, in one case I was in the choreographies of the “Marmotts” in the mid-80s.

What do you think the future of dance looks like?

I think that dance will be bigger and better in Switzerland, particularly among men. For me, dance is a fundamental way for people to learn, to be sociable, to be creative, and to have a lot of social interaction.

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