Who dances hip hop?

Nope. But you’ll see us rocking it at the Roxy this Friday night (January 27) and, I have a pretty good guess, we’ll also be there at the Sound of Music in January, too.

The guys can always be found dancing their hearts out to the new, and never before heard, music from this genre. But for the majority of our dancing, it’s the RCA Victor Orchestra – the same one that played at our first ever “All Night” party in September.

Nerd and non-nerd alike can agree that it sounds better to a human, so it’s definitely a big win for me that all these people get to hear the Orchestra together!

That said, there are no plans to get a dance floor out of this room, and that’s the thing; I live in a 2 bedroom, four bath cottage by the sea and haven’t had the need to upgrade in the past decade or so. We have plenty of room in the basement. The only way we could possibly make it work would be to get a big new dancefloor from a major flooring company.

But, even with that being the case, I don’t have an idea who’s gonna take over these rooms.

The guys still have a few hundred bucks they need to do some repairs to the bathroom so this could actually be done and it would be on the right track. Plus, it might be possible that they could just use their own money and start over – but then again, I suspect they’re getting ready for that one big life event. But for now, I just gotta dance this weekend and hope for the best.

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