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The “Bambino’s Cocktail Party”, held at “The Stylestone Pub” at 7:00 PM on the weekend before St Patrick’s Day, is the most popular in the City of Edinburgh! If you’re able to make it, make a point of attending.

What can I do during St Patrick’s Day? There’s no shortage of food and drink options on offer! In town or nearby, the “Jungle” is a great, free destination where you can find great Celtic food and drink on your way to the park. You could also visit the nearby “Merryland” where they serve good Irish food in a traditional setting, as well as “Celtic Crawl”, which is a walking tour of the city and surrounding areas, or “A Night to Forget”, where they invite you to a great live music gig.

Do you have a bar crawl? One great idea is to attend the “Celtic Pub Crawl”, which starts at the “St. John’s Bar” at 3:30 PM. This walk takes in the various bars of the city with “the perfect blend of pubs/clubs” for the evening; “Aptos”, “Alderney”, “The Abbey” and “The Blue Lagoon” are just some of them. The “Blue Lagoon” even has a bar called the “Guns and Roses” that plays oldies (including “St. Patrick’s Day Massacre”), while at 8:45 PM the “Guns and Roses” will host an Irish folk show by comedian Don Mulligan.

What should I bring? You’ll need a good time’s worth if you want to be successful. It isn’t as easy as it looks. It definitely isn’t cheap, and it won’t be a simple “dress up as your favourite Celtic character” sort of event – but the rewards are well worth it. Bring your best costume (or a good friend with you), drinks or snacks, snacks, blankets (or a hammock), shoes or sturdy umbrellas and a sense of humour.

What should I wear? You’re in good company, as Edinburgh locals have a multitude of things to wear to any Celtic entertainment on St Patrick’s Day. They’ve even set up a blog post dedicated entirely to the best-dressed people in Edinburgh. Here’s some advice for what you can wear:

A “Celtic Man” by Andy Haughton

A red t-shirt by

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