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The most popular dance is called the ‘Rabble-raffee’ which originated from Germany but is now found in Europe too. Most dance fans are looking to the British, who traditionally have the ‘Bawl-baubles’ which have been popular for the past 40 years.

Rabble-raffee is a relatively simple move with some simple steps. There is even a version where the step has to be repeated several times.

The movement is often described as ‘bouncing around’, but it is not so. What is bouncing around, though, is the way in which the feet are placed. You do not merely bounce around in mid-air; rather you bounce between the feet. This allows for a better and more fluid dance.

The move uses your arms for leverage and your feet as weight for directional stability.

There are variations of the move too which have to be thought about.

What do the feet do?

Your feet move in opposite directions, with the toes pointing towards the centre of the floor and the heels pointing away. This allows you to put your feet and your hands into the air to balance yourself.

How do the feet move?

A foot turns the centre of the floor, or the floor itself turns the foot. It is this movement that is called the ‘bounce’.

What can the feet move?

The feet can rotate in an opposite direction. There are many variations on how the feet can change directions.

To change directions, you first turn the toes towards the centre of the floor and then turn the heels back towards the centre of the floor. To rotate in both directions, you turn the heel first, then the toe, then the centre of the floor.

When should you start?

In certain sections of the dance, the foot movements must be initiated at the same time, and the head should be pulled up to meet the feet.

When is the most common step?

This may depend on who you are and where you are dancing. In some moves, the feet must be ‘in-flight’ at the same time which may happen at the very start, or after they have been ‘flown’ in mid-air.

What is a ‘drop’ in the dance?

A drop is where the feet are slightly lifted off the floor, and the dance takes place in front of the dancers’ faces. With other areas of the

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