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The current dance of the year is the Kaitai Shingan-en (Walking Star) dance by Takatori Yamada, which began on August 31, 1986 when it was performed with the Yume No Hana Jiyujiki Jutsu (Handsome Japanese Jutsu) at the Tokyo Metropolitan University. Since then, it has been performed every year in its original form. (In Japan’s tradition, it was actually originally called “Shingan-yen,” “Golden Star,” and was a traditional dance of the Imperial Family in Ancient Japan.)

Who started dancing with the Walking Star dance?

It was Yamada, who began to dance with his favorite dance around the age of six or seven, and he continued to dance with it for many years. By 1983, he was considered to be the current dance’s biggest star. He was not just a big hit dance actor, but his dancing was also popular.

How many dances do people practice every day? What are the rules of using them?

The Walking Star dance is popular around the world, as is the Shiba Inu. It is also popular in Japan where it is called kansai kaiten (Japanese Japanese Dancing). It is very difficult to learn kansai kaiten, but we do try to teach our students if we have room in the schedule.

How do people learn to walk with the Dancing Star dance?

One must be very strong and strong enough to make a very fine, delicate, powerful stepping motion. After you perform kansai kaiten, you can start using various other dancing moves to practice on the floor. One of the best ways to learn it is by watching and studying from the performance. It is very difficult to do it from a book or DVD or anywhere else because there is so much variation, but I think kansai kaiten is easily learned from movies and TV shows. One can practice kansai kaiten on the floor, then do other dances, using the same technique to practice on DVD, so it can be watched and studied easily all the way.

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How do people learn the Dancing Star dance? How long does it take to learn it?

It takes about six months to learn the Dancing Star dance. Many people first watch it in television shows, then begin dancing and then practice on the dance floor. It can be very difficult to do this from a book or DVD,

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