What is the importance of social dance?

In the classical dancer it is a tool to teach technique. It is also a vehicle to express one’s emotional state or feelings. And in the modern person it is a vehicle to show one’s inner nature, to demonstrate his feelings in many different ways.

What are the two fundamental forms of social dance?

In the dance as a whole the two forms are:



Can you give us a general definition of the following terms?

Dynamic-Dynamic (which can be called the dynamic of action, or dynamic of movement), is based on the dynamic of time, that is to say a combination of elements such as space, speed, pace, coordination, etc.

Complex-Complex (or complex, which may be called complex action, or complex movement, or complex rhythm) is based on the basic elements of dynamic- dynamic, but with the inclusion of other elements, such as tempo, form, etc. The idea of this sort of dance is to include all elements in a dance, without taking the rhythm of one or the other as the basic unit of the dancer.

What did you mean by “the elements of the dance,” that is, the basic elements of action, movement, rhythm, etc.? You mean the elements of the basic elements of movement, rhythm, movement. In traditional dance one is obliged to know about the general form and tempo of all the elements.

What is the main goal of social dance?

The first goal is to have fun. Another is to teach and to learn, both in theory and in practice. The third goal is to promote friendship, to make friends, to exchange information and ideas, and to find common bonds of friendship.

What is the principal form of social dance?

The principal form of social dance is the complex form.

How can one become a social dancer with regard to the four fundamental elements of dance?

To become a social dancer you need to get your feet on the dance floor. That is what I mean when I say that I have a difficult time practicing social dances because the dance floor is so large.

The other important point is: don’t overthink your actions. Don’t put too much stress on what you are doing. And don’t put any pressure on the body, but use your mind!

How can a social dancer express his emotions in the social dance?

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