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As explained before, there is an obvious relationship between the social and dance side of dance (not to say that the cultural is only secondary to the social). The social dance, or social dance as they are more formally called, takes place in communities where people come together to dance a way they have a deep familiarity with, and where people are able to see each other and form social connections, which results in a lot of social bonding. However, the ability to make social bonds without a big investment into them can lead to more serious and even life-threatening problems than simply becoming emotionally connected to a person, and even more importantly, this bond can grow deeper and more complex as people get to know each other. At the same time, this bond is not necessarily one-sided, because as society increases in power, more and more people see the world through the eyes of power and find themselves in situations where they see how things should be, as well as relationships based on the fact that they have an emotional connection to each other in the sense that they cannot imagine themselves without each other in life.

As discussed before, the idea of social dance has been a part of dance education for a long time and in many societies it is considered the highest level of physical development and socialization, and it is this that is the reason why it is used as the centerpiece of educational curriculum for schoolchildren for decades. For a long time, it has been possible to train teachers to use this level of social dance, both individually and in community groups, in order to facilitate their training as dance teachers by giving them training in social dance as well. However, nowadays it seems as though teaching this material from a social dance standpoint means the loss of the humanism we had before, because we tend to become too familiar with a group of people who are dancing a social dance at any given time in order to make them understand that they belong to a social dance and thus have a bond with them, and it can become much more difficult to teach people how to communicate without this relationship between individuals. This leads to our present situation where we tend to teach social dance without teaching it in its original aspect, by making it more and more impersonal and lacking in the original humanist aspect to it.

What is the relevance of the social dance in the dance education? It has been shown, at least in a general sense, that social dancing makes you a more connected dancer if it is an activity you participate in with people who you have some connection with. It is not

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