What is the importance of social dance? – Classification Of Social Dance

How it works? How to do it? How to be a good dancer. Free View in iTunes

19 Clean The Future of Social Dancing Social dancing needs big changes to be more efficient and more fun. With the right social movement, it can be a fun way to get people to spend more time together and improve the quality of life for individuals as well as the overall quality and vibrancy of society. Free View in iTunes

20 Clean Your Story and How it Can Be Transformed This week, we’re going to talk about our story. How are we different from the other people in the world? What are the things we are trying to change? As people, and as dancers, we tend to be very judgmental about other people. Free View in iTunes

21 Clean Dancers Need New, Young, Creative Minds This week on the show, we’re going to talk about a new idea. A young, creative brain, and what we may be missing now on this planet. Free View in iTunes

22 Clean Do You Know What You’re Worth? Let’s get to the bottom line. Who are you? What do you value? Let’s hear it. Free View in iTunes

23 Clean Social Dancing for Life (The Future of Social Dance) This week on the show, we’re going to explore the idea of social dancing. You know, being a really good dancer and living out your dreams, the kind of person you want to be and the kind of person you want to see. Free View in iTunes

24 Clean How to Make Your Dance More Social (Your Story) Social dance can make you feel connected, more present and at peace all in the same day. We talk about how and if social dancing and social dancing education can help. Free View in iTunes

25 Clean Getting Organized and Organizing Your Life (The Future of Social Dance) This week on the show, we’re going to talk about the future of social dancing. Organizing your life and what you want to do to make it happen. Free View in iTunes

26 Clean The Importance of Diversity (The Future of Social Dance) In this episode, we’re going to talk about the importance of diversity in the dance industry, particularly as it relates to social dancing. I’m a huge fan of social dancing and would like to see the world grow and improve. It’s important that we Free View in iTunes

27 Clean Dancing to Success (The Future of Social Dance) This week, I am

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