What is the easiest couples dance to learn?

One of our most popular dance routines is the Step Up: Step Up (3). There is an amazing amount of information on the dance’s official site about it so go check it out!

A common stumbling block is that couples can dance in sync but sometimes have no idea that a part of their movement is not always happening. In this video you’ll find the 5 things that you need to know to not only dance in sync but also make a beautiful video together!

4. Do you know who our favorite couple is on the show?

We love Kaley Cuoco, she has a wonderful voice, and her personality is so charming!
Social Dance a Short History: Franks Ah: 9780710013958: ...

5. Can you list 5 things that make you proud to be an artist in this day and age?

In the past year we have seen artists come out of the shadows that we would never have seen with the industry today… we love being a part of that!

6. Do you know the secret to creating your next video video?

We’re always fascinated by new ways to create videos and there are plenty of great tips and tricks that we look forward to using to help us achieve our dream!

7. Do you prefer an animated look or a live action style?

When it comes to motion, we prefer animation. It just feels natural. When done right, motion can capture your viewers imagination and make the scene look like a movie!

8. How do you find a new dance move or new style?

Check out the dance’s official websites and social media accounts – they are all very active and are constantly evolving!

9. Do you prefer the classic moves and style that the artists were working into while you were growing up?

When it comes down to it, it feels more natural and gives me more confidence than having the same movement and style over and over again!

10. What is one style that you never wanted to do again until you finally got inspired?

When we started filming I was too young to have any idea the dance that I wanted to work on. I would do something and not have any idea what to do with my body or whether my dancing was getting any of the way there. I had no sense of direction at all. But once I took these lessons I realized how awesome a dancer I could be!

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