What is social dancing mean? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Background Episode

Where does social dancing come from? How do we dance to the beat of the music?

Social Dancing is simply the practice of social dancing where the social partner is dancing to the music, but also to help their partner in a more positive way. This dance is performed by people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and genders.

There are two main types of social dancing:

Stunts: in which the socially dancing partner moves and plays an instrument, often with other spectators.

Social dances: in which the socially dancing partner is dancing to the music itself – in essence dancing to the beat of the music.

See the pictures below for a few examples and to find out lots more about social dancing. The pictures to the right were taken on a trip to Scotland to the Scottish Dance Festival.

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What does social dance look like? How often does social dancing happen? How often is it danced? How did my friends do social dancing? Did other people do social dancing?

What is the meaning of the word ‘social’?

Social dancing is simply social dancing.

Some people believe that social dancing means dancing to the music you like and with friends while others think it means dancing in social settings.

If you are dancing on a dance floor or floor in a disco, you are probably dancing to the music.

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