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It was meant to make a dance move that everyone felt good about. It was meant to help you move and feel good, that you were happy.

The meaning is so abstract.

So many times, I am asked, What is social dancing? What does it mean? What does it mean to dance with others? What does it mean to dance well? What does it mean to dance on the dance floor? I say we all have to remember people, and then we have to keep our minds open to that. What does the meaning of social dancing mean and how does it relate to our body language and body language movements? How is social dancing related to our daily lives?

I feel like it is a very important question, not just for me but everybody. It is not just that we are dancing, but we are also talking. We are talking to each other. We are talking about our loved ones at home, how we feel, who we want to be, our goals. Everybody has a story, has a story. Social dancing means we are talking to each other; it means we are being open. This is true, no matter what dance you are doing today, whether it is ballet, salsa, pop, jazz, or hip hop dancing, you dance with other people. In one of those dances, you are not just talking to the dancing partner. You are talking with the entire group of people. You are talking to yourself, with any group of people on the dance floor. In the dance, you are talking about something that matters to you.

So you are still talking about social dancing at the bottom of the dance floor: What is it about social dancing that you want to share from the heart? What is it about dancing that you feel it is important, that you are good about? Social dancing is about bringing people together in a social environment. It is about making a community out of the environment. Social dancing is about creating a sense of community – we are all in our own community – and making friends. For me, social dancing is the most interesting dance I have ever danced.

What is social dancing like? Like my dancing with people at our dance class, I had a dance with three people.

I met my dance instructor and my dance partner and danced with three other people. I had a dance with my dance partner and three other people. I had a dance with a couple of people.

I had a dance with two other people.


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