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Social dance is a dance or movement that makes use of social cues, such as eye contact and physical proximity. It’s often associated with traditional dance.

For example, when you’re in a classroom, your classmate raises their hand for a question. But if you hold back, your classmate may look away and pretend you said nothing at all. And you’ll end up losing your seat for not responding.

Social Dance Examples Examples of other dance movements may include “twerking,” a form of “dance” that involves twirling a weapon.

Social Dancing Examples

The words “social dance” are often used interchangeably for traditional dance, but they mean quite different things. See this article for the differences.

What causes social dancing?

Socially dancing is an important behavior because it allows a student to engage in social interaction with others in a socially important way. In some circumstances, it’s a good way to strengthen communication skills. When social dancing is done incorrectly, it can damage social and academic achievement.

The social dancing practice includes:

Using a partner and other people as a human social energy source by “tossing” objects, such as objects or a person, around,

Using nonverbal behaviors that promote socializing with others including eye contact, gestures, and body language, such as a smile or a nod,

Using common social cues and movements such as hand gestures that make others know that you’re having a good time, or a fist bump that makes everyone else know you’re having a solid social session.

Social dancing as a part of social interactions

Social dancing should be a part of a whole school of social interaction, rather than a separate activity.

There are many opportunities for the social dancing dance to take place in school settings, such as:


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Public assemblies or other classes about social and political issues

Outside of school

In clubs and schools, dance is often paired with social events such as sports.

Types of social dancing and types of socializing

There are many types of social dancing, from swing to “dancing for fun.” The following types are examples that students and students’ parents have selected to help teach students the types of social dancing that occur in their day.

Classroom social dance Examples of school and club dances, where you can hold back physical presence by touching someone’s feet, legs or hands, are described below.

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