What is modern dance style? – Social Dance Lessons Near Me 46307 Indiana

“It’s a modern dance style that has evolved in the last 50 years.”

How does modern dance style play an important role in the evolution of our society?
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“That’s a very good question. And one thing I think is very important about modern dance style. It helps us to understand ourselves. It helps us to see ourselves and our place within society and within our culture in ways that maybe we may have otherwise been unable to see. I think we do find that in modern dance culture. We come very close or quite close to living our lives again as we did during the times when we had a sense of collective identity.”

Have you ever been to the UK?

“I have not. I am not sure why that is. It might be a bit nostalgic. That’s all I can say. I have not been to that part of the world.”

What is one of your favourite dances in the UK?

“We dance in a lot of different cultures. Our dance family – I don’t know how many of these dance families there are in London – we dance with a different group of people every week, I think.”

If you dance around the world, what’s your favourite dance to perform in each country?

“If I was to pick one… that would be some kind of a really funky ballad.”

Who are your favourite dancers out there?

“I think I am the kind of dancer that enjoys seeing a different dancer dance around the world. I like seeing new dancers and seeing different styles of dancing. I like seeing the difference. To me I like seeing a different style of dance. I like watching it live.”

Have you witnessed anything like it?

“Not that I know of. I have not seen people dance around, as much as I wish I had.”

Where would you like to see dance evolve?

“I would love to see a whole new style of dance being created in London. New dances that are very different and have a new identity because when you are in a dance family your identity is always changing through the course of time.”

How do you see dance being developed in London?

“It is really important to me to be a part of the evolution of dance.”

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