What is dancing for you?

It’s a sport of passion and entertainment.

People are always asking about dance. Why did you choose it?

When you move, the air around you becomes vibrating and moving. If you don’t move then the vibrations around you disappear. We dance to move the air around us.

You are famous for having a perfect body.

When we were at the beach, we danced in the ocean with my friends.

If you dance with a woman, people will say “You’re a beautiful lady!”.

A lot of people ask: “Who is that woman?”. Who is the woman that you dance with?

People like what I dance for and think that my dance moves them.

You’re famous for wearing tight clothes.

I don’t want to be seen as a crazy person who doesn’t wear anything.

How are people looking at you at the moment?

My clothes are the only thing that is not my body.

Have you ever met a good or bad person because of your clothes?

This is what goes through the mind. If you’re thinking about a person then there’s an argument in your mind. If you’re not thinking about a person but can move your body then everyone will see you.

The music always has a special influence.

When I’m dancing with another person’s sister then the first thing that comes to mind is people coming to visit. It’s easy for a person to come to my sister and have a good time and have a good relationship.

Why did you choose to wear long skirt and loose shoes?

In the end, I just wanted to move and have fun.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to learn to love and dance well to please other people.

How do you choose clothes?

I’ll wear what I like. I’ll wear what suits me.

Who are the girls that you like?

There’s people I love. There are girls I don’t like and don’t have a good chance to dance with.

People say that you are a good dancer. Why?

If other people could see me, they’d laugh. Then they’d notice it.

Who are the boys who you like?

There’s people I like.

As long as they are wearing clothes and not putting on makeup…

I don’t like