What is dancing for you? – Social Dance In The Philippines

Bobby: It’s basically a dance form; a dance technique. It’s something that you use to express yourself as a person.

Tara: What is it about dancing that makes you want to dance?

Bobby: I like to have fun and play. I like to be around a lot of people.

Tara: Do you enjoy dancing for the sake of the group?

Bobby: The idea of dancing for all the fans, myself included, is really great.

Tara: What makes you most excited about playing in the group is that everyone in the group is so well-rounded.

Bobby: There’s so much to the group and it’s so different! Everyone has their own personality and they make each others’ performances work.

Tara: What made you decide to come out as a male drag queen?

Bobby: I love drag, and I love music. I was attracted to what I found in the drag, and I didn’t feel the need to be a drag. In school, I was always bullied and treated like a girl, but here, I’m in my first real group, and I feel like my own space now. I’m making my own way.

Tara: Do you prefer playing in groups or solo?

Bobby: I find groups better, especially when we’re a part of a group. There’s something about having your own crowd, like a dance, or a song together that gets you psyched.

Tara: When is the last time you danced?

Bobby: There have been many times when I went on stage for solo performances, like at the end of our performances when we’re all celebrating, and I got so excited. My body shook; I was dancing. When I’m with other people, the dancing is so much more relaxing.

Tara: Are you a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Bobby: I like a diversity of different personalities, and the show helped me find that diversity.

Tara: Was the casting of the group a turning point for you, or a turning point for the drag movement?

Bobby: When I was in high school, I wanted to be a model, and I was told that drag was not for me because of my personality. I couldn’t change that, so my family didn’t help me to learn how to dance.


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