What is dance performance?

Dancers use their bodies in a number of different ways. They dance in public, on the stage or behind the stage during show performances and in public places such as the dance studios or art deco facades. Some dance as a group or as individuals, with others as the main dancer. They perform while standing, walking, and walking along.

Dancers can work in a room, perform within their own dance studio, or perform in private.

Dancers have a great range of skills and abilities

This is not an exhaustive description of every dance action and what the benefits are. This section focuses on the basics that each dancer knows well, along with some basic steps to help you develop your dancing knowledge.

Ballet, ballet dance, ballet-like dancing

This kind of dance is choreographed to music or other sounds. There is great physical skill involved as well. This type of dance is considered beautiful and usually very emotional.

Hair, movement, flow of emotion, etc

This type of dance is not considered beautiful. Many dancers struggle with the movements in this type of dance. This kind of dance is more about technique than beauty.

Floor work, space control, movement, etc
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This kind of dance is physical and very physical. Often dancers work with their hands to achieve different styles of movement on stage. Most dancers in this type of dance need to be aware of all other dancers around them to keep the performance going and maintain choreography. This kind of dancing involves a great deal of physical effort and physical control.

Jazz, jazz dancing

This kind of dance involves great physical skills. However, no dancer knows how to do jazz dance from memory. Most dancers have to discover these skills when learning music. These dancers rely on their feet to move on stage, using movement, hands, and other skills. Some dancers learn jazz through family, friends, or other community dances, such as a church group, company, or even a church program.

Hip-hop, hip-hop dance

This type of dance involves great physical skill and great physical energy. These dancers learn the movements through the practice of doing them in competitions. Many of them need to be very careful to keep this performance on the line and have some kind of mental toughness to make sure they keep practicing it for days and nights on end. This kind of dance is for people who have great physical abilities, like dancers and athletes like gymnasts.