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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think of dance as a “art” or “creative” thing. Most people will understand a couple of simple things before getting lost in this whole “creative” thing. First, we need to be more specific and define what is “creative” and what isn’t. There are two kinds of creative actions: a mental/spiritual state and physical behavior.

For the most part, it’s possible to describe the process of creative thinking and actions as mental vs. physical activity. For example, “I want to dance better” means you are thinking about how to dance better; that is, you are thinking on what you can do to improve. By the same token, “I am tired of dancing” means you are thinking about the fact that you cannot dance as well as you used to. By defining the actions in terms of both mental and physical activity, we are able to better understand the different mental and physical states and have a complete understanding of what the term “creative dance” means. This isn’t enough for people who do “creative dance”, though, because the term “creative action” has been given the wrong meaning in the minds of many. They think about creative acts as being an action that is either “mental” or “physical.” The fact is that one action is both.

The way that the terms “mental” and “physical” are used does create confusion but I think that this confusion comes from the confusion of what “mind” and “body” mean. Mindful actions are “mood” or “psychological states” as a general concept. So are physical acts. Think of the same action as thinking about what you can do to dance better. The “acting” part of this action is the mental state. To know whether this action is mental, mental activity requires both mental (mental movement) and physical (mental movements) conditions. That means that an act of mental action will always result in a physical change in one or more parameters.

Of course, to understand a physical act, you also need to understand the physical movement itself, right? This is the same principle that makes things like tennis, gymnastics and swimming “physical” since you also need the whole body and the entire system to change in order to do the act well. In this context, “mental” and “physical” are often the same thing.
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