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Chacha means ‘disease’ and ‘bad disease’. Chacha is named after Chacha Ofer, the grandfather of the Rabbi Chacham of the Knesset whose writings became the basis for Chacha. In Chacha he writes, “We will not forget our Jewish roots, we will not forget our people’s suffering and our Jewish heritage must survive” which is in essence what the Jewish people has survived since 1948, in spite of all the destruction in Israel. Chacha’s words were expressed:

The Jews of Israel will not forget their Jewish roots, We will not forget our people’s suffering and their Jewish heritage.

(Rabbi Chacham, Chacham, page 6 of his book “HaKodesh”, page 5)

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In what may be the weirdest of coincidences, the first trailer for the next Marvel movie might feature a robot. The first trailer for Ant-Man drops on July 17th, but it also introduces a “very important reveal” that’ll probably help you understand what’s happening with Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang in the Ant-Man movie. In other words, Paul Rudd’s a robot, folks.

I’m still working on it. Marvel and Universal execs are talking about “big things happening in this film,” including a new villain, but I’ve just read the first Ant-Man trailer, which I’m told is in the first half of May. The video is a little odd, but the second trailer drops on Friday, and I think it confirms what I just read.

That’s one helluva robot.

In the trailer, Rudd plays a scientist who finds himself working with the ever-dangerous Scott Lang, who also has a little robot.

This could have something to do with the fact that the two don’t come from the same planet, as in Iron Man 2, where Dr. Hank Pym created the Yellowjacket suit.

However, Rudd also says he’s playing an old friend of Lang’s. Which implies Lang would have to have been an old friend of his, since he’s a scientist rather than an ex-superhero like Crossbones.
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It’d be weird if Rudd wasn’t playing Hank Pym.

Either way, this video has been making the rounds for a few days, and I’ve got it below.

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