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The story of the great Russian novel

In 1927, in the shadow of the Soviet empire, a young, promising writer, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and his writer/friend, Leonid Brezhnev, met in Switzerland a few weeks after meeting each other at the Salon des Nations in Paris. Having read Solzhenitsyn’s War and Peace, Brezhnev promised himself to become a writer in the Russian language and Solzhenitsyn became his muse. In 1924, Brezhnev won the Nobel Prize in Literature for Literature.

Solzhenitsyn had been born in 1924, but at the beginning of 1922 he became a prisoner of the Red Army. In April of last year, Solzhenitsyn finally decided to escape. But it was too late. His wife had already died, and at the end of June he was arrested and incarcerated for almost six months in a concentration camp. In May of this year, Solzhenitsyn escaped again. He was arrested, tried, and sentenced to prison for life.

But what can make an event like this possible, why the world is interested in it? How does it come about that so many books are so similar, yet so different? Is there a certain reason that has kept them as close or as different as they are? Is it the age of the author? The genre of the books? How far they have traveled from their original inspiration? Does the author’s personal life affect the way the book is written? Is the author a creative person? Does the person be able to live a meaningful life?

How did literary fiction come to be the cultural phenomenon it is today? This is surely a complex topic, but the best way to approach it is by using the methods that we used in the course of the History of Russian Literature course and that we will use in the course of the course in discussing different elements of the topic: the literary fiction genre, the influence of the past, and the current state of Russian literature.

1. The Literary Form.

Literature is a subject of immense importance in Russia: its language, literature, culture. For that reason it’s easy to see why the world of literature is filled with countless literary works.

There are two ways we can begin to approach this subject. One way is to think in terms of the literary form of every individual book. That’s why we begin our discussion by looking at the novel

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