What does ChaCha mean? – Center For Social Dance Jolly Road Okemos Mi Apartments

ChaCha means no fear or worry, and it’s that attitude we need to have today. When you have a negative energy around you, it’s only natural that you feel insecure to the point that you want to protect what you have and to protect your identity and your family.

It makes sense for the negative energy to feed off itself – like the negative energy inside a cancer cell becomes a tumor, then it feeds off itself and is self-sustaining. When someone has a negative relationship or has an unhealthy relationship with something, we need to bring our attention back to a positive relationship or relationship, because when we focus on ourselves as being in a negative relationship, we lose our ability to be in a healthy relationship and we lose our ability to know God.

How can we get rid of the negative energy around us?

It’s a difficult thing because the negative energy is everywhere and you either have to fight and battle and work with who you are, or you need to work with your relationships or your families. In reality we all have to be in relationships where we’re in our true colors, and that happens in every relationship – but it’s just a matter of finding those relationships and sticking with it.

What are many people afraid to encounter?

I’d like to think people will face it with courage and with faith and with an attitude, not fear, because that’s not what has happened in our country. The majority of Americans today have no choice about being afraid, because there are those who refuse to be scared to be true to who they are. And that’s a great thing. God wants us to be true to who we are.

Do you know any people in particular who are trying to fight back?

Absolutely every single person and every person has an option to face this or not to face this. That’s how the battle should be fought, and I’d like to hope that is what the next generation of leaders is going to realize.

Are there some things I can do to help?

You can find support with prayer and with good books and good organizations and organizations that help you stay grounded. It’s something I am constantly saying because people don’t need to know that we can do it. They need to know that we can and that’s always what we have to say to people: “Be who you are, because that is what will bring God into your life and that’s what will help you heal and be your true self

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