What are the two types of social dance?

A: The main type of dance is free-style, that is it is not structured: it is not set up in a particular way. Free style is also often about rhythm, that is it is about movement in tune with music and rhythm, i.e. the song and the rhythms. The other type of dance, which is very common in Europe, is called salsa, which is structured; it is much more about the body and, in the majority of cases, the whole body. For instance, the way I dance is also different from the way those dancers move. It is not so different for both of them, even, as it is for a dancer like me. Free dancers, salsa dancers, often follow their rhythms very closely. As they dance, they always move on their feet and in a specific rhythm.

This is important because it allows a more free and easy manner of learning the songs. I can listen to the music without being aware of any structure, so when I listen I can’t learn too much or can’t get the music too good. For instance, if you are a free dancer, you can dance a lot. And if you are a salsa dancer, you can dance in one very specific way: the way you always dance!

If you have not heard of dancing, what is something you want to do first?

A: Firstly, I think that to dance properly is to be able to experience the music in a specific way, to feel that music differently. As you can see, I can’t dance with someone who can’t dance, and I can tell you it is difficult. For instance, if two people dance together and the rhythm, the way the bodies are dancing, and the energy is the same, both will always fall apart. I have very strong relationships with my parents. At our house, we have a special dance floor where we can all dance. I am happy that my children also have that freedom. And that is what it is important we want to do: let our bodies dance to the music, have fun, and dance our way.
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Tell us a story.

A: To a man who danced in a nightclub, but then got thrown out… Well, that was quite nice. It is easy to become arrogant. My best friend had a great life on the dance floor, and then he got thrown out. And we also had this great dance floor together; after two years, my best friend who had been dancing in the