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The two kinds of social dance, as I am going to show, are the basic social dance of the dancing world, on the one hand, and the dancing that is meant to be fun, such as the “couple dances” of America, on the other.

There are other types of social dance, however, as one might imagine. If you go to most dance clubs in the United States (and in Spain and France as well), you will see these.

I am also aware, though I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, that there are other dancing styles that are meant to be fun, such as the “mosh” dancing of the Middle East. But for the moment let us focus strictly on what is meant by a “dancing” dance.

There are two fundamental kinds of dances: The classic and the contemporary.


In the dance world and in every culture, there are categories of performers. These categories are known as the roles. A dance for a dance audience should include a few dance characters. But you will want more than that.

For example, you might want the audience to have the experience of seeing the dancer/dancer in her role. You can not include only one dancer from a particular genre as a role within a dance.

Dancers in the classical style of dance do not have roles because they are dancing in a style called “drama”. In this style, the dancer is the center of interest. And that interest is, as the name implies, in conflict with others. This is a conflict that is easily overcome with the addition, at appropriate instances, of dancing.

Dancers in the contemporary style of dance do have roles because they are dancing in a style called “movement.” In this style, the dancer is in constant motion, not in conflict, so she is in constant danger of going down to her lower level (or lower than her place in the audience).

In this style, the dancer may also include “scenes” that are designed to challenge viewers’ understanding of the style as a whole (and sometimes make the style a better one).

The Classical and Movement Dance Styles

And here is where the two styles are very different. In the classical style, a dancer is on the stage doing her role, but she does not have a role on stage, so the role has no name. The role she is in is called “dance.”


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