What are the two classification of social dance?

The music is very diverse, so we have two categories of songs: instrumental and vocal. Instrumental songs are dance songs, in the sense that they are arranged and performed on a dance floor. These songs are often performed as a form of entertainment, such as a party song at a wedding reception or at a ball. Sometimes vocal songs are presented to entertain people at a musical performance, such as a school’s musical. When these two types of songs are combined, social dance becomes a kind of ensemble performance. What we call social dance is often performed on a dance floor in clubs; it may also be played in clubs in different social situations, such as bars. The songs in these repertoires are based on the classical form of social dance, sometimes including different instruments in them. Social dance in the popular repertoire includes ballroom dances, salsa, and some popular dance music styles.

The two types of songs we include in the popular repertoire also play different roles among a person’s social milieu: instrumental and vocal songs might be played in social dances, but they could not be played in the bar, a dance hall, or a country club. In other cases, these types of songs are played as an addition to an ensemble of music.

Instrumental songs are songs that are arranged and performed on a dance floor but are arranged by musical instruments rather than by vocalists. Like classical repertoire, instrumental songs are popular repertoire. For example, the musical ballroom songs are usually performed in bar and dance halls. Examples of instrumental songs include the popular ballroom song “You and Your Family,” which was written in 1891 by James Suckling and originally was written by the piano and piano player Jack Jorgenson. A popular ballroom musical performance by a group called the Hot Shots played a song called “I Love the Jazz Singer” in a traditional ballroom setting in 1929.

As you can see, popular songs that are popular are musical songs sung with the use of instruments or used as accompaniment for other traditional material that can be heard in the music hall.

Vocal songs are songs that are sung by or sung by a group of singers. The singers include people from all walks social backgrounds. Examples of vocal songs are, the songs by The Beatles , Elvis Presley, the “Mama’s Boys” of California, and other celebrities, such as the band known as the Beach Boys.

MUSA 29. Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle: Shuffle Along (1921)
We have only one type of songs, vocal songs, we talk about here because most of our popular dance