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Social dance: The dance of two people who enjoy each other. This has been the definition of the term dance in general since the 1500’s. This term includes such dances as rock ‘n’ roll, country, swing, and country pop.


So I’ve decided to write a piece about this topic for all those who are tired of reading articles about this.

“Dogs are not people.”

The last few years a lot of people have claimed that dogs are a species of person, which means that they are a different species from us, including us in the West.

Now, I’m not saying that they are a species that we should be wary of, as I don’t consider them to be a species. They are a species of animal who can interact with us in the same manner as humans, and in fact can interact with them and our own species.

And, to many, this is just as important to them as it is to me.

I, however, consider them a species.

And if you’re not a dog, I suggest that you try to understand them, and see if you can see how many similarities there are between us. Just think about, you are just as connected with us as we are with dogs.

Here is a list of similarities and differences between humans and our own species, as well as the characteristics of our own species, in order to help you better understand your own dog-owning friends


Height: Our species height range has been estimated to be between 5’8″ and tall in average for humans, which is about a 9 inch difference than the height difference between dogs, who are at least an inch shorter.

Body fat: Humans’ body fat differs from that of dogs considerably as well, but dogs’ body fat is higher, averaging around 12% for a human, while it’s only 2% for dogs.

Blood types: Our species, as well as other animals on the planet, don’t have blood red blood cells, which makes blood circulation extremely more efficient than in other species. Dogs have red blood cells in their blood which enable them to have a circulatory system which is more efficient than that of human beings.

Skin color: Many humans believe that dogs have darker skin than humans do. This can be seen as a sign of them being more related to humans in some way, which is untrue. It appears that the fact that dogs’ skin

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