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It’s not that I don’t think there is more to it than the basic “meeting up and having fun”-type dance. The concept of “social dance” encompasses the whole social dance world, for example, the types of social dancing that are primarily “meet up and have fun” and which includes the following dance genres:

1. “The social dance scene”: dance that is “in your face” and involves a lot of dancing, including a lot of movement. Examples

The “fun dance” dance: this type involves a lot of dancing, a big crowd and loud music played on a high-powered boombox. It is a very social dance, often attracting the attention of the crowd, and a very popular dance.

The “party dance”: This type of dance often involves moving around a lot, and is often done for a large crowd with a lot of loud music. It is a “party dance,” and usually involves very loud music and the crowd.

Most dance people consider “the social dance scene” to be what I call “meeting up and having fun.” There is also a “party dance” category.

2. “The social dance scene in a room”: dance performed “in a private room,” as opposed to at a dance club or outside (as in “social dance”). Examples

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3. “Social dance music”: dance with a lot of moving parts, sometimes with music that changes.

4. “The social dance dance genre”: dances with a lot of movement and a lot of people.

A large party dance genre is characterized by its crowd. An interesting “party dance” dance has very few people and a lot of movement. This type of dance is also characterized by a very loud crowd.

5. “The social dance world”: dance that involves a lot of moving people, loud loud music with an atmosphere of an old-world club, a lot of noise and noise.

This is the dance genre that is most prevalent. The dances that fall into this genre are the typical social dance dance genres, e.g.,

a. “Gangsta dance”: very loud, loud dancing. In addition you may have people in your dancing with other people, like a “family dance”, or people doing some “family dance” dance

b. “Rave dance”: dance performed very long, at extreme speed. In this dance, it is generally not a dance for dancing alone,

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