What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – Types Of Dance Theory

The choreographic element is the choreography. It’s the sequence where you do the moves, which is called the cue. There are some other elements in it that are called action. That’s the sequence of what I do in the dance sequence (laughing).

Do you learn the choreographic element from your teachers or from watching movies?

The choreography comes from everything — from movies, books.

Is it important to have a sense of rhythm in your dancing?

I don’t think it’s essential. The important thing is just having a dance that you like to do and that gives you a feeling of feeling the momentum of the movement of your body.

What do you listen to when you dance?

That’s probably the best question. I don’t really know about dance music. It’s good to be in a place where there’s other people doing the same things, but I also don’t really enjoy listening to what people are doing. But I do listen to, I guess, I guess, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and I do like something by [Rory] Scovel. I guess the one thing that I have to tell you is that I’m not a big movie buff, I mean that’s just a fact.

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Do you watch other people’s films while you dance?

Oh yeah, of course I do. I’m a huge fan of [Funny or Die], “Dancing With the Stars” — even “The Voice.” I think it’s funny and it has a good mix of comedy and drama– it’s funny and it also has a good mix of drama and music. If the music is good, then the movie is good, and I like when people dance in the movie because it gives us a feeling of moving toward a goal, which the movie is trying to be all about.

Where do you see your role in the dance world?

I see myself as a professional in this business. I’m a dancer, not an actor. I like the job. I like working on stage with a great team of dancers, who are very committed. I also try to keep an eye on what’s going on, how to do it, what the audience is looking for or not looking for, and what’s going to make it more interesting for the audience that we’re dancing with, because we’re dancing with them.

So, you’re not interested in being an actress or an athlete

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