What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – Most Popular Social Dance In European Court Was __ Bator

“Falling, fluttering etc.”

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Dance is dance – the movements are choreographed. In my opinion, the most important is the dance as this is the most human thing we do; we fall, flutter and dance.

You have described dance as a ‘living, breathing, natural dance’? If this is true, then what can the average person learn from dance anyway?

Yes, dance is just like any other human activity. There are many ways you can learn to make your body move naturally. You can use your muscles, breath, posture, and other body language to make yourself move, especially if it means you are having fun and dancing yourself to sleep. Also learn a little about the culture involved in the dance: how it is perceived, how it is produced, and why it is being done to create and maintain a specific type of social exchange, among others. This is where the ‘life, breath, and natural’ part kicks in. If you want to dance more, and want to become a more skilled practitioner, learn to be a ‘good dancer’.

Dance involves both a visualisation of what is going to happen in the scene and the feeling of that physical response to that change. What do you think of the recent film “Cameraperson” which had a lot of emphasis on the visualisation aspect of dance. Do you think this is useful to both dancers and choreographers?

Dance is all about being in the moment. As an audience member, you have to take notice. Some of the choreography in the film was done in front of an audience and it was very helpful to see this. The choreographer has a lot of freedom and it is quite fun. Watching it, it got me wondering why there is such an emphasis on seeing what happens in the dance so fast or as fluid to the point where your mind wanders – especially at the beginning of a scene for some of the older dancers – and that is when the ‘dancing brain’ has got into a state where it is not taking anything at all, so you get some good ideas. You get the visual, and it makes you appreciate the fact that you are being played in real time.

Dana Brown, the world renowned choreographer: ‘When I was on TV dancing for 15 years, I’d always been told that I didn’t have a big dancing brain, I had a good brain, but I had no dance-dancing brain. When I started

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