What are the rules of dance? – History Of Social Dances Examples Of Alliteration

That’s not the question. The real question is: How do we get the kids to dance on time?



You have to ask your kids to leave the house in the morning because they’ve been talking too loud. In schools, the answer is, “It depends. Some students are very good at making the most of their days.” Some are really good at sitting still. Others need to be held by their hands in a manner that resembles an act of “holding on to the world.” Many are good at learning to sit still for long periods of time. Some can get away with this if they are really good at it. Others, in school, have a hard time. Their teacher must hold out a pen and pencil and force them to stand up and be in the center of attention. The kid will do it, but it’s really hard. The teacher can’t seem to let them get away with it.

There are some children who just hate to give attention when they can get it in any one, easy situation. At times, they can be good. But mostly, they are not good.

If your child shows this tendency, you probably have to make some changes. You can’t sit down and wait for the student to make a mistake. The kid has to be challenged at every moment and have to listen to your advice. Your job is to teach him that the only way to succeed is through the effort to be good. You will have to learn to push past her resistance. You will have to say all the right things until she decides you have it right—whether she is ready for it or not.

Do I know my child to be good? I’m not sure we are ready. What is wrong with us?


Well, we are probably waiting to hear a sound on the tape. Our parents might have been singing too loud. Their children are always in the wrong places, and they are constantly talking to other kids too loudly. They know what the rules are all wrong.

Can I keep doing these things? I know that they work—I’ve never said no to them.

Then you don’t know them to be good. What are you waiting for the kid to do?

You might have a problem with your child’s behavior—not enough food, too much or too little, or an attitude like yours. The right attitude about what can work in the classroom does not necessarily happen by listening carefully

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