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Well, you can try the most boring name in the book. I tried it and I think it’s called “Dance with God.” It was from a song called “The Bible Song.” The first song is called “The Bible.” We’re going to hear “The Bible Song” and then you’ll hear “The Bible Song” again. Now this is the Bible Song, so I’m going to tell you what I learned from it before I went into the Bible. When it was being recorded and I was writing the lyrics, I thought of the Bible to be this book that was full of love, and so they were full of love. I was just thinking it was a book of love and wisdom and it was full of wisdom, and I found out it was full of lies! That’s why the Bible was full of lies.

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When does an artist first start to think about dance in their lyrics?

It doesn’t matter. Because once people hear your music, they’ll get it or they’ll not get it. There’s nothing that’s going to save them. It’s what the artist wants to make his music, that’s what’s going to get released, that’s that’s what’s going to create that kind of sensation. What I think happens is that they just like a song, it’s not something that really affects them. What is the next song they hear? I’d say a song that’s going to get people in trouble, a song that’s going to get in trouble? When you’re making music, that’s what you’re hoping for.

You have an impressive track-list for The Bible Song, the kind of thing you don’t hear in more conventional music, where you’d expect to hear more of what’s known about hip hop dance moves.

Yeah, that’s one of the things that is so great about my album, is that because it doesn’t fit the normal patterns of music, when it’s on the radio, it’s going to be different. It’s not going to come out of any box that you would put it in. I mean it’s such a large number of people.

You have a song called “Sitting,” do you think that’s a little bit autobiographical?

Yeah, definitely. And the song is really important. That came out of a lot of other stories. The most important thing I’ve been through in my life, as far as the music is concerned, is that I’m an addict

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