What are the different types of waltz? – Types Of Dance Theory

Traditional waltz is a dance that is performed in a high body position. The dancing does not involve a partner dance or a partner dance partner and therefore is less likely to be interrupted by a partner. The two dancers are in direct contact at all times. The dancer’s partner (usually a male partner) is required to be positioned on a higher elevation and can also be seen to be dancing with the partner. Many contemporary waltzes incorporate the waltz as a part of the main component of the dance. For example, when choreographer Joe Hagen first choreographed Waltz with the Orchestra he placed the waltz in the second act of his ballet but at the same time had the other dancers perform other dance moves (e.g. inversion, double twist and so on). These variations are usually considered part of the main piece.

Waltz is also performed with one partner only. This position is often reserved for solo dancers as part of a single dance movement.

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