What are the dance etiquette in social dancing?

“It was very strict. It is very different from a regular dance. You don’t walk or do anything, you just stick your toe and do a step. Even a regular dance doesn’t do that. All the social dancing happens in one room.

I had a girl come straight to me but she didn’t want to dance with me because she was scared she would get in trouble. I was like, why? She was so scared. And I was like, I love this girl. I love that she loves me. I don’t care if someone is uncomfortable or if they want to do something different. If you love someone then it doesn’t matter if you are uncomfortable. So you don’t have to pretend or change. I like people who are comfortable with their bodies. If I was uncomfortable, it didn’t bring out the best in me.

How do you like to be noticed by people?

I would look at a dancer and say, “Hello darling” and the next thing I know it’s my turn to have sex with her. I would give the girl some money and we would do that for her and then we would start dancing. I was very popular because people wanted a girl to kiss us on the lips to get people to dance with them. This was in the 70s. If you were good or in a good club you could kiss girls.

When I dance with girls, it’s not about going into the bedroom. It’s about being a human being and being comfortable and having a nice time with those girls.

What is your ideal night out?

My perfect night out is having a good time because I love myself. I would like to wake up in the morning and say I enjoyed the whole night and my body feels good. And this is something people don’t understand. The first time I did this I felt so uncomfortable. I didn’t know how to be like that, how to smile or how to make myself feel good. I would try to be as human as possible.

You were once in a nightclub in Los Angeles. What was it like?

It was really dark and sweaty. It looked like I was on a dance floor. I got so wet from how good it was with women and I was like holyshit, this is what I want to do. I couldn’t keep from doing it and it was awesome.

Did you ever use drugs?

No, I never used drugs. I used to