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Do you think about dancing with others and if yes, how the rest of the club does it?

I think dance etiquette depends on the social situation…you want to dance with people when they’re having fun! People generally want to dance with new people with new friends…and the more people you know the better for that. I do try to dance a little more than I should, and if I think they’re doing it wrong, I apologize by saying “Sorry!” and I change how I was dancing. I’ve danced around with a really good friend and he’d be dancing with someone else a couple of times before I got there. This makes the dance fun.

Who does your club use?

I’m an all-woman dance club…it was always me and my friends dancing with a few guys and a few girls or women, who would take the dance, but I think they started dancing after I moved to LA several years ago. I think of myself as an open-minded person and always try to take the dance to what it really needs to be.

Do you have a routine for different social situations?

I usually dance around with someone new and try to make the dance as fun as possible so I don’t really know the moves or anything. I have my own routines and I try to keep the style I have worked to over my 20 years here unique, but I can teach anyone to do any dance style if needed. And I’d have to say some of my dances are kind of funny…because it’s me and the songs are my own…it’s a little crazy (laughs).

Your friend, Tia, is a dancer as well so I always like to see how she does when her dance is at her best. You might watch and see her dance around with my friends, or maybe you’ll sit and watch for yourself…
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What do you feel is important during a dance date?

When we all sit in our seats during the dance and try to figure out what dance to do or for how long. It’s a fun way to get our friends involved with who we’re going to be dancing with later. You also want to make sure that your dance feels great before you start dancing. Some dance moves are better in the evening when you do them well. I think the best thing to do is have fun!

Do you believe there are specific ways that a woman should dress in order to look a certain way?

There is absolutely

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