What are the benefits of social dance? – Social Dance Tv Bachata

Do you have a favorite dance, or favorite teacher? What is your favorite kind of dance?

I like a lot of dance styles. I don’t know how to count. I’m a dancer so I do like a lot of different styles. I do like all kinds of dance. I’m sure if I had my choice between anything, if I could choose which one I like, I’m kind of torn between dancing really hard right now and just dancing with a couple friends.

As far as teachers, I think I learned a lot from Mary Anne. She taught me a lot about dance. She really understands the dance. I can’t teach you a lot, but I can teach people. It was my time in the first year with no classes, we kind of just took classes out of convenience when people would come for the season and we just took them in. Once I had that first year I realized that I really need to learn how a class works and go through an entire class. When you only do one thing you can’t really do anything.

Who do you think is doing some of the best work right now in dance education?

I see the work of Dasha Nailová and Mary Ann Schutt in the world. I see Michelle O’Neal and her colleagues in the U.S. at New America for Dance. I see them all.

You’re still really young in age. Do you want to go in that direction?

I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it. I have been encouraged and supported every step of the way. But I’m still young and I know in my career things tend to have to change. The things that would be exciting for me would probably be working with kids and working with kids and doing different types of work with them.

As a child, you did a lot with ballet. But then, what is your goal as an undergraduate to do with dance?

I’d rather play in a band, but in the band we have to write and perform, too. I have to say that I like to work on a lot of things with my friends and different people because they really care. It makes everyone better.

How does your family feel about your music? Will it be fun to sing about gay and lesbian couples?

They’re always supportive. They’re like, “We’re so proud of you,” and I can relate to that. I really appreciate them and I can’t wait

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