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I’ve heard from many dancers that social dance makes them the most active, expressive and engaging members of the community. And it’s not just for the people that come in. There are so many more benefits than even just having fun. There’s health benefits, and it can make you happier.

What’s your advice for someone planning her first social dance?

There are many benefits of social dance. The most obvious of these is that you can just look at and not be influenced by the people around you. They’re all a part of your circle, and they’re all important to you. The social dance is the time you can get together and dance around a space. It’s a place where you can let go of the rules of society and have fun and be you instead of you being you. Plus, social dance has such a positive effect on the whole group. You feel you can express your creativity and express yourself the way you want to. You’re able to take on new risks and not be afraid of the big or important issues in your life.

And the other benefit is just that… you can get so much out of it. People really enjoy social dance because it’s exciting, it’s fun and it’s a unique and fun form of relaxation. It’s so different from a lot of other types of dance. For someone who is really introverted, it can be really refreshing, and being with others is so much better, being in a group is so much more fun and exciting and fulfilling, and I think that’s really the only reason why dance is so popular in general.

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