What are the benefits of dance mixers?

It can give you the ability to go back and make changes to an existing mix, without the need to rerun the song. It saves time.

When will you do this?

Not soon, but we will be making it a bit accessible before we release it.

What are you looking for in a listener?

We have a great amount of listeners who are on their way to getting their dance tracks mixed in, and are looking for someone who can bring that kind of track to them.

Tell us about the song ‘Joker’

The title is not taken from a Joker, but just about anyone who has played with the Joker. It’s a sweet little track and I hope you enjoy it.

What’s the best advice you can give someone who’s just starting an EDM style of music?

I’d say to just try and find your own way and work with what you are doing and if you don’t like that, then find someone you know who will like something as well, and you can work from that.

What’s your take on the EDM scene today? Do you think it’s going to be better or worse than it is now?

That’s a tough one for me to answer. If you look at the scene right now, it’s still very young.

What about DJs or festival goers?

There is a lot of crossover and they are all doing it for the same music and they are just making it, so it is not a bad thing yet. There’s been a few great names that started off and ended up becoming very popular, and there’s many more.

What’s your take on the EDM industry today?

I do think its a little more open. It’s becoming more inclusive. It seems more connected with the consumer and you feel more connected to them. It’s not perfect, but that is a good thing for many people.

What’s your take on what dance music is?

It is the way we communicate and express our feelings. It’s all the things in life that we try to express without having to feel too uncomfortable or uncomfortable in ourselves.

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