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As I have been saying many times here already, dance mixers are not for the weak of heart and the weak of stomach, and they are, without question, the best dance mixers there are. I could have listed hundreds more, but I will only be talking about the core benefits of dancing with dance mixers.

So how does a dancing with a dance mixer work?

Let’s take the example from the dancing with a dance mixer example section above. This time you use 1 Mixer.

You have an audio mixer which you turn on and off at will throughout the day and night. You then connect this audio mixer to your mobile device through your smartphone or via another Bluetooth device. Now you have a powerful dance music environment where you can be dancing, with all your music on, while driving, or relaxing with just your music played on your phone. You can get this type of environment for $25.00 USD and will save you thousands on your DJ equipment as well.

How to set up a dancing with a dance mixer (audio-only):

Step 1

Your audio mixer connects directly to your device, via Bluetooth. Connect your phone with a USB cable and the audio mixer that you are using to your device. In other words, no cables – just audio in and out.

Step 2

On step 1, set everything up to be able to be used for your DJ performance, so that your audio can then be used with your DJ setup. For example, you may want a speaker system that you only use with live performances, or you may have a DJ set up specifically to do sound control with a mixer, but that is optional. In your case, you don’t need to include sound setup. If you want sound setup, then do a separate post.

Step 3

If you are using your audio mixer for live performance as it is set up to do sound control with it, then you can set your DJ setup to use the speaker system. If you are using your mixer to be used for live performance only (the default setting), you can do this, just follow these steps.

Step 4

If you are using a mixer that is not set up for performance-only, you will need to add the sound to your speaker system. Just follow these steps.

Step 5

Once you have all these steps set up, you can set up your audio mixing for your DJ performance, for example, by

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