What are the 4 types of social dance? – What Is Social Dances In Africa

Each type of social dance is different for every social type who engages in such dance. Social Dance can be any of the following:

Traditional Dance, which is a cultural dance practiced in communities and cultures for thousands of years.

Dance of the Earth, which is a form of dance that is performed during the annual Northern Lights Festival during July and August, the largest celebration of environmental awareness and appreciation.

Jazz Dance, which is a dance technique developed by the founder of jazz, Duke Ellington (1887-1987).

Social Dance, which is a unique art form in which the artists perform dance, performing songs for the group while using the dance form as a platform for artistic expression.

The dance styles in one dance type will not be used together.

What are social dancing classes?

Dancers and/or instructors will be available throughout the evening so that you may begin exploring the dance. We also invite anyone with a desire to participate in social dancing to bring a friend.

What are the dates?

Saturday, 5/28 to 7/2 and Sunday, 5/29 to 7/2.

How do I register?

All registrations will take place on our website. Once registered to attend, you can download and print a PDF of our registration form.

How can I reserve a spot?

If you would like to reserve a spot, please do so on the website.

What is a group booking?

We can make you a reservation either when you register or after you come in to receive confirmation of your reservation. There is a $15 per group booking fee if your group size is greater than 20 people. To reserve a reservation, we would need 2 to 3 people.

What is the time commitment and what kind of attire do I need?

For a group booking, a minimum of 15 people is recommended.

Who can attend:

Dancers and/or Instructors.

Why should I attend?

You will have an opportunity to participate in a beautiful world that can only be shared at a social dance! Whether you are a dancer or have been dancing for a little while, social dancing is a unique opportunity to connect to a larger group and have the opportunity to have fun together over the joy of dancing.

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