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And the reason why some of you like them and some of you don’t?

Well, you can’t do all the 10. Some people enjoy going in and feeling the air and the energy of the dance, some people want to know the choreography and choreography alone is a very important thing – which is absolutely true. You don’t want to do all the choreography and look at that and say, “I don’t like this. I don’t like that I don’t like this. That’s not an interesting experience.” It’s an interesting experience that you have to be able to handle. But it also isn’t about that, because you know all the routines. You just have to do a bit of dancing to move around with the music.

But some people like the atmosphere of the dance, they appreciate the feeling and music, they enjoy that sense of movement.

And one other thing, we have a number of dancers who are members of the National Ballet, and as a dancer you do a lot of dancing of all kinds. So some people just like the sound of the music. And, of course, it really doesn’t matter if you’re going to work on a Broadway revue, a Broadway dance number that the choreographer doesn’t know, or do this, a dance number that you’ve written and choreographed and it’s all very well-dressed, or do an audience for the most part. You’ll have some people in it that might get on really badly. But it really doesn’t make much difference. And again, what does matter is that you have to be able to hold your own. It’s really all about how you hold your own on stage, which is a very important thing, what you are wearing, and what your outfit looks like.

Well, it sure goes without saying, but as far as the choreography goes, how and why do you use it for the dance?

Well, just because we had this idea, we wanted to show you a little bit about our thinking, and there’s a few things that sort of set it. One is, there are two types of dancers. You have the one who has this idea, and that is the one who’s very particular about the dance. That’s what they want to see and that’s what they enjoy. And that one can’t dance when it doesn’t suit them. And then there are other dancers who have been dancing this way for a long time, and they can still

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