What are the 10 dances? – Social Dance Essay

– A Dance Dance Dance is a dance performed during the wedding ceremony for friends & family. The purpose of a Dance Dance dance is to celebrate the event and express the love and joys of marriage.

– A Dance Dance Dance has a very important meaning.


-A simple dance for the guests at the Wedding Ceremony & the reception

-A dance that is a simple, slow and simple dance with a few people and no unnecessary elements

-A dance where everyone has the opportunity to express themselves in a very traditional way

-A dance made up of a single step (dance) and two steps (tumbling.

-A dance usually performed in a party room or a private room (for your honeymoon). The party room is designed and designed for couples to enjoy a nice and comfortable party during marriage ceremonies.

-A dance done in a casual fashion, it is typically performed by young girls.

-A dance done by older children or adults which can be a very fun dance or a challenging dance with lots of moving around, no one can really master

-A dance performed by people with no experience and it is very popular among young people.


-A dance performed by children & adults

-A dance done as a way of making kids smile or to make an adult laugh. The kid and tiger dance is a good option for kids

-A dance like those performed at a school fair

(The Tigger Dance can also be seen as a dance done in China with the animal as a costume)

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-A dance performed by one or both parties

-A dance done to a song

– A dance done in a group of friends or partners. (this dance has more of an informal feel)

– A dance where one partner moves from one step to the next and the other steps slowly along with them.

– A dance performed by a dancer who has no prior experience, but who tries his/her hardest to perform and show up their best or best. This dance can also refer to a simple dance performed by two adults and a child.


– A dance performed with your spouse or romantic Partner.

-A dance performed by an adult or young couple

– A dance performed by a single person who is also a dancing

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