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Folsom: I know it’s a very important point but I should explain it: it’s not about social dancing. It’s about playing the game. When you perform a popular dance on the stage, you get rewarded with points, which are your points. The more points you have, the higher your rank.

What did it take to get to your current rank?

Folsom: There was a time when I started to believe in the power of hard work. It took a huge mental effort. Then I started playing on a different platform, and I noticed that there are many players who make use of that kind of approach. They dedicate themselves to their game. So, to achieve this title (the leader of the party) I am not even sure. I am just playing because it was more fun and because I am in love with the game. But after a year of practice, I achieved it, so all my hopes are full of hope.

Do you keep in close contact with the other players? Do they ever send you something?

Folsom: Yes. We communicate with each other through Skype. If I feel that I have to give out a shout out or a compliment to someone I will. But for the most part I will try to avoid sharing my personal information with other players.

What’s something that you want to say with pride?

Folsom: When I played as a player I wanted to be the leader of the party, but to have the opportunity to become its leader (follower) is very rewarding. Now when I go on stage I know that I have fulfilled that desire.

You have the title of leader of the party, how do you feel about that? Has it made you want to become a leader of other parties?

Folsom: It’s kind of like a compliment, it’s something that people want to say to me. They think that I deserve to lead, because I am truly the leader of the party.

Is one thing that you would change to be a better follower?

Folsom: The most important thing would be to change to a shorter style. Maybe something like “one time, just one touch”.

Do you remember what the first dance you ever learned?

Folsom: Yes. I was just a kid, living with my parents. They wanted me to learn to play this game for money. I saw this dance for myself and I

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