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– Dancer: Dancers are dancers that can dance in all kinds of costumes. People who can dance the way that they want, with the different costumes. - Archives: 2011November 1, 2011The Law of ...

– DJ- Djent, djent 2, djent3, djent4, djent5, djent6, djent7, djent8, djent9, djent10, djent11, djent12, djent13, djent14.

– Jazzy (Jazz): Jazzy people are the people who want to play live music or are in the band. Some jazzy people make music under a name that they don’t use in the band. Some are in the band themselves, and some just come play some other type of music.

– DJ: DJs are DJs, who go out and perform in different clubs, clubs they just got interested in or just have an idea to. All types of DJ’s. They can play anything, from old school dance to house, rap, disco, to any type of music.

Music DJ: Music DJs are those people that go out and play in clubs. They go to the clubs and play at all the different DJs that are in the different dance clubs. They have a lot of different DJs to do their music, and they go through different stages of trying to find the right mix of dance music in each of those clubs. They often try to find different musical tastes of music at different clubs.

– DJ mix: DJs mix their own type of music, or DJ’s don’t mix their own music. DJ mix means DJ mix. Also DJs don’t always get mixed into the same mix of live music, just like DJ don’t mix in the same club as the rest of the dance people. (DJ don’t mix is usually a very informal term used when people just have different musical tastes. Sometimes DJ mix = dj mixes)

– DJ’s Club (djs): DJ’s work in the music and dance clubs in clubs. They work the door, take a seat, and listen for songs for people to dance to.

– DJ: DJ’s are DJ’s.

– DJ mix: DJ mix means DJ mix. Also DJ Mix means DJ DJ mix. DJs mix their own type of music, or DJ mixes. Usually, DJ mixes come in a series of different mixes.

– Djent: Djent are people who enjoy playing live Music, they love being up

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