Is Waltz a social dance?

The Waltz is the traditional dance of France’s Tuileries Gardens. It involves a series of steps that begin in a place or position you like where the legs start up and then come forward, then turn back, move up again, turn around, and finish in a different place or position — often in a circle or at arms’ length — in the center.
And it’s very much about movement and rhythm.
A Waltz is made up of six steps:
Somewhere back in high school, I was given my first pair of ballet shoes by a ballet teacher who was one of the best. My parents were old enough to have been dancing, but I didn’t know this, so I didn’t know I was a dancer. When I was 12 I was doing a lot of gymnastics, and at the same time I was looking for a way to keep up with my schoolwork. So the next big thing I did was ballet.
As it is, the number of steps is more like five or six, maybe eight. But it always takes me back to the place or position I started at when I started dancing — the same thing that keeps me walking forward in the line.
Of course, the Waltz has not always been played in the same manner. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a dance where I couldn’t see the floor — or where I wasn’t always dancing, since I’ve been in the ballroom to the point that I’ve barely left it. But the basic steps were always there — and they’re still the same as they were when I started.
I think part of the difficulty in trying to remember the rhythms of the Waltz is that if you’re not dancing it, it’s hard to tell. But if you’re dancing it, when you’re still walking forward in a line, it’s easy. The key is to remember that you’re walking backward, and start thinking in a stepwise way, from right to left. It’s a process that can seem easy at first, but if you keep it going for more than a few minutes, it begins to sound like the same thing over and over.
So I think the more you practise it, the better you can feel and understand it, as opposed to feeling it and understanding it as something that’s different from something.

I think a lot of my friends are like me. I’m not much for getting into the details, but one of my friends is a man named Andrew. I