Is hip hop a social dance?

How big is it? Is there a big enough divide between these two movements? What role does the music make in all this?

In my opinion, hip hop is just one aspect of a deeper movement that has a long history. A movement that starts with slavery and goes to present day.

The most important step? The Civil Rights movement. With these two movements, the music played a big role in a shift in society. This movement started with the civil rights.

In an article by The Huffington Post, “In the Race to See, Hip-Hop’s Dance Is Not Just Hip Hop”, authors David Kocieniewski, William S. Lindner, and David Williams wrote:

“In the 1980s, the Black power movement’s main musical influence started to take shape and grew in number. Along with the music of Black artists such as MC Ren, DJ Shadow and the late Afrika Bambaataa, the movement adopted and refined elements of pop that reflected a growing awareness of economic and social grievances, and of the struggles facing African Americans in the face of systemic racism…”

When a nation of people are fighting with all their might, sometimes the music plays a big role.

Today, hip hop acts such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Biggie (to name a few) were born out of this music.

But who are these musicians? These artists, many of who are also musicians, were all created with these ideas in mind.

I say artists, because hip hop is not just something you hear. It is deeply ingrained into the culture. These musicians were created by the music, with the music taking over their ideas. It made them musicians! They developed these songs, lyrics, beats, sounds, ideas and styles, and these same music, the ones they created, would influence their peers as well.

They, too, became pioneers in how hip hop can become an accepted part of our culture.

What are the origins of hip hop and what do people who believe hip hop is a social dance, know?

The roots of hip hop goes back to a time when we were slaves. But to understand the roots of hip hop, we need to start by understanding black culture.

It goes back to slavery.

The slavery has its roots in black slaves. The term ‘slave’ is derived from the term “slave.”

People who came from Africa had no choice in what they decided to do