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Do you want to dance with a community of people who are going about their daily lives so that is what you do. The more people that dance the better. Because who wants to hear a song from someone that says, “I’m just a rapper but a good one.” The people who get this part will go with you just like the crowd in your neighborhood. They’ll do something different, even if you’re not that.
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In addition, the internet has given a new dimension to hip hop. The internet allows for new people to have an outlet for their ideas so you have to be creative, you may find an angle you haven’t thought of before. The music business must be smart if they are going to adapt and keep changing.

I’m talking that the hip hop has shifted to the internet age where there’s this constant flow of information which is why the songs are still growing. The Internet is changing the game. I have all my music on SoundCloud and Spotify right now on my phone and I listen to it when I’m on the road on Air Force One when I’m doing interviews. I have music on my iPod all day long because I know it’s going to turn up on the radio in the morning.

The music business is changing quickly because I live in the Internet Age. It really is the beginning of the Internet age. If you’re in the Hip Hop business then you’re not going to survive if you don’t adapt to this evolving world.

How will I know when you’re right, when you’re a true artist? Does your music have to make sense. Are you going to make an album that makes sense? When’s it going to come out? Are you going to create a video for a song that you have one that you think it’s great? I guess if you have an album, you’re going to have a lot of people going, “Oh, that is so different. What’s your next album going to be?” If you’re putting out a video, or you’re putting out your album, that’s gonna make people go, “Oh, that is so different.”

The music business has lost some of its edge and some of its charm in the past couple of years with hip hop music because of how people use it. It’s not about the music anymore. It’s about who you’re with and what’s in your heart and spirit.

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So why is he so great at what

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