Is ballet a social dance?

The only dance I dance that has ever given me an experience that has left me in awe and the ability to look at the world with fresh eyes is ballet, it has given me the ability to see myself reflected in someone else.

I believe that I am more than just a dancer and that I truly feel a connection with so many different people regardless of whether I am dancing or not. It is impossible for me to not be affected by my dancers. In my own life I have always taken great pride in watching other people’s faces as they dance.

I see what they go through the night before. I can relate to it. I am aware of what the night lasts. At the same time I can feel the joy of the day. I don’t see myself alone. Many others do the same.

If I were a social critic, I’d say, you got everything right in dancing.

If I were a sociologist, I’d say social dances have very little impact on any society.

A few months ago, I watched the entire series of “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People” with an avid fan who also happens to be a social worker. She explained how she tried to convince her friends to “think outside the box” and “not be so judgmental” about the many groups in her life. This was a lot easier said than done. There were only a few days of the movie where she even gave me a few “cognitive dissonance tests” to prove her point.

I’m not saying that everyone can be a good person, I’m just saying that we live in a complex social ecology that is influenced by the actions of our friends, so I know that some people are just not as smart as others in that regard. For me, I’ve always preferred friends who were just plain smarter than I. What I like more than anything else in a friend is someone who will take the time to learn more than they already have. We all have something to learn from others about life – this is true with people as well as animals. This includes the human species, which is why there are so few good things to say about people who have been on my list. They probably have better things to say – after all, what would we be if we didn’t have friends.

Anyway, since that conversation with my fan, I’ve started thinking about why our friends feel the way they do with all of the things they do to make themselves feel good